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Miyavi (Neo Tokyo Samurai Black Tour '10) Dallas Fashion Check

Who: Miyavi Fans
What: Fashion Check
Where: Downtown Dallas, House of Blues
When: 07-03 approx. 6 P.M.
Why: Rock out! ;)

Hey everyone, this is Skye. Coming to you with my first ever Fashion Check. It's a little "tourist-y" heh. Technical difficulties due to the rain, indoor lighting, and my camera dying on me, but hey what can you do during times like these? Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and for giving such GREAT answers. The Dallas Miyavi fans will stay in a special place in my heart for that! Also, special thanks to Nikki for working with me on this project and loaning her camera when mine went caput. Thank you! Dallas, we got to see Miyavi let loose and show us his moves! Are we ready to do it again? ...Maybe it'll happen in the future, who knows! :D

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